Narcotics Division

Over the past several years our parish has seen a steady increase in illegal drug activity.  

Our Narcotics Division consist of specially trained Agents equipped with the latest technology and equipment, who are dedicated to the eradication of illegal narcotics in our parish. 

Narcotics:  337.788.3327 or 337.788.8730

Criminal Investigations (CID)

CID is made up of four investigators and two clerical deputies.  This division handles all felony investigations, ranging from thefts to homicides.

CID Clerical:  337.788.8721 or 337.788.8722

Patrol Division

With a commitment to increase patrol services, we have added an additional 12 deputies to the partol division.  We are dedicated to the citizens of Acadia Parish.  With the addition of deputies, we were able to reduce response times across the parish.

Patrol Supervisor:  337.788.8746

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911 Dispatching

All calls received for law enforecment agencies and fire services are sent to our 911 Center.  This center dispatches for  five law enforcement agencies and seventeen fire departments around Acadia Parish.

Dispatching:  337.788.8772

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Sex Offenders Unit

It is our responsibility to assure that convictes sex offenders are registerd and are complying with state laws.  Reviews are completed on a monthly basis or according to the offender's requirements.  Residents are urged to contact our office if a sex offender is believed to be in violation of their requirements.

Sex Offenders Unit:  337.788.8728