Inmate Banking Options

You can add money to an inmate's Commissary Account by going online to

using the toll-free automated phone service (1-866-232-1899), or by paying in cash at a local retail store using Walk-In Retail.

  • Facility Name: Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office
  • Facility ID: 270526
  • The Inmate's first and last name, Inmate ID Number, or Date of Birth (including the year
  • Deposit Options

    Toll-Free Phone: 1-866-232-1899
    {Accepts MasterCard & Visa Debit and Credit Cards}
    [Funds available for use within an hour]
    [Accepts MasterCard & Visa Debit and Credit Cards}
    [Funds available for use within an hour]
    Walk-in Retail:
    {Accepts Cash. Set up order online or with a
    Customer Service Representative (1-866-204-1603)
    and complete the transaction at a local retail store. }
    [Funds available for use within an hour]

    There are no payment minimums but there will be a small convenience fee to make deposits.*
    To contact TouchPay's Customer Service Representatives, please call 1-866-204-1603.
    * Automated payment services for commissary deposits are provided by TouchPay Holdings dba GTL Financial Services.

    Phone Deposits Only

    (Including all Walmart Locations) From anywhere in the United States,
    Call MoneyGram at 1-800 MONEYGRAM (666394726)

    To find the nearest location. Deposits will post to the offender's account within 24 hours

    MoneyGram Instructions

    Complete the ExpressPayment Blue Form or pick up the Moneygram phone and provide the following information:
  • Company Name: IICC
  • Recieve Code: 5873
  • Account Number: Inmate's Identification Number
  • Inmates Last Name
  • Contact Us

    Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office

    Address: 1037 Capitol Ave,
    Crowley, Louisiana, 70526, USA
    Telephone: 337-788-8700
    Dispatch 337-788-8772 or 911